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And all that jazz...

Well welcome to hell, respectivly. You commited these crimes in life. Seriously thats what it was like sitting there listening to this guy analyze my life. I had to sit there for an hour and a half while he asked me about every knitty gritty detail of my life. I think i b.s.'ed more than ever in my life in that session just to get him off my back. so in the end i guess i made it sound like it was my fault that my dad is OCPD. then he goes on to say how it probably is my fault just to see my reaction. I was soooo ready to get up and scream my fuckin head off at him. then he goes on to ask me how i feel about my moms need for dependence on a man and my sisters perfectionisms and IBS. Jesus Christ i barely have enough time to sleep with all the shit i have to do. My mom is sooooo out there she would let my sister walk around dressed like a hooker, so yesterday my purpose for going to the most dreaded place on earth (the mall) was to go to my sisters fav. clothing stores and see whether they're ok or not for a 13 year old. if i had told this guy he would have said i was overly controling and put me on meds for that too. Already he tried to put me on prozac, celexa and some crap for (fancy disease name) that keeps me from feeling at fault. it sucked.

Happier topic. My best friend is coming to visit me a school today!!!! Im so excited he is the greatest. Hes gonna make fun of me because i had school today and he went skiing but whatever itll be nice to see someone who knows me really well.
Now off to the second teir of hell (homework)
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