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Turn it up...

My life has turned upsidedown and then right side up again in a week. Last tuesday my dad came home from Pheonix and kicked me out of the house for no reason I can see. Then on thursday he calls me and says I can go home only when hes not there. Which is quite often. But that hurt more than him just plain kicking me out. Then he showed up at my dorm on Saturday to pick me up because I had a competition and he had schelduled a lawyer so he would no longer be my legal gaurdian. So he met my roomate and acted all nice. I so wanted to kick him. Then we get in the car and says he didn't mean it and i have a place to stay whenever im in CT or Manchester. It makes me so mad because things like this happen too often. He needs to make up his mind, does he want me to be his daughter or not?
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