random (ninepinksocks) wrote,

Another week begins

It's monday, I don't like mondays. Although i had a pretty damn awesome weekend. First things first, I had a comp at Okemo on sat and sun. On saturday i did ok, but on sunday I WON!! It made me so happy my coach grabbed me a lifted me up yelling that was awesome. Then my dad yelled at me on the way home saying that i didn't deserve to win, but o well. Then a close family friend showed up at my house really really close to killing himself again, although I had no idea he was suicidal. So thats a new and interesting fact.
I still don't have a legal gardian which makes things complicated, because if I wasn't at Putney and if my dad didn't mind not keeping up appearences i'd be in some half-way house. Although what makes things more complicated is the fact that I may not want or be able to come back to putney next year. I don't have any money but all that's going on makes me think that i shouldn't be spending what little money I have on high school, I should really be saving it for college. And somehow i just feel like I dont really want to be here anymore, this school is turning into a rehab center and thats pretty much what i used to run for my brother and his friends. I dont want to be in a drug-oriented place helping or no.
So my plans for the future... I have none
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i think you will find. all places, especially high schools, will be drug oriented