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Lifes labors lost

I am not a happy bunny. All my hard-work is going down the tube. I don't know why it just is. It just feels like everything i've worked for is slipping away from where I worked so hard to get it.
(This could also be because the nurses haven't given me my meds in 3 days)
On a different note which also does not make me a happy bunny is the fact that my dad went out and got a lawyer (who is more expensive than putney) and because of all the shit the lawyer said the court repealed the order that my dad pay for Putney. It's not about the god damn money anymore. He paid more for the fucking lawyer. What did I do to him to make him hate me so much?
Fuck that. When he asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, all I wanted to say was for him to love me (which knowing him would have been asking too much) I would have settled for a hug that made me feel like he loved me. You know thats all I want a hug from someone I care about that makes me feel like they care about me too. Thats all I ever wanted.
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