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Many nights we prayed...

This week has been a really hard week... So far one of my really good friends has been put in a mental hospital for being suicidal, I have handed harry bauld a paper about my dad and my life with him, which i'm afraid of, im scared to find out his reaction, my dad has once again been the most assholish a person can possibly be and MY STEP BROTHER CAME HOME!!!
About my friend, it scares me because i've been down this road before with someone else and it ended in an attempt so yea. dont want to go there.
Handing harry bauld the paper, im so afraid of what hell say. Not necesarily on what my lifes like,bubt also on just wether or not the paper is good.
Im most likely not coming back to putney next year because of my dads assholishness.
But what made it better was that after 7 months of hell my step brother finally came home to help me. He brought my nephew who i love and miss so much. My moms having a nervous breakdown because my dad left again and we ran out of her meds, but now that josh is back itll be so much better.
Break starts tomorrow and i dont know wether or not to be excited.
We'll see
P.S. I just wish i knew how to cry right now, because i would
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