random (ninepinksocks) wrote,

a thought or two...maybe three

I think this is the last time im going to write in this thing. Ill probably make a new one but right now I have to shut all the doors to the past. This is a really big door.
As of two weeks ago I became a college student. A loser of a college student but nonetheless i am enrolled in Simons Rock College of Bard
I should say i love it because I do. But i just dont fit in. Apparently I am now part of a "GOM" dont ask me what the hell that means cause i have no idea
It consists of three other girls from my hall and two guys
Im kind of the 6th wheel
Morgan and Noah
Mea and Carl
Fallon fits in everywhere
and then... me
I am trying to be extremly social its working sort of, but u all know me. Anti social.

So thats school
as for home.. oi
im being emancipated from my father
my mom is still my guardian though.
austin starts school soon and same with muhoza
Life as i know it is not that bad by my standards
We got evicted a little while ago but i found us some new housing arrangements and as of now everyones happy

So 'tis time to close off this lj and start a new one. (a happy one hopefully) lol
well i should go.
say goodbye to the ninth pink sock (i lost it about a month and a half ago) lol
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